THE REASON

“The guys working on the new fence just found a body.”

Home improvement just took an unexpected twist for Kate Harrison and her family. Nothing in her experience as a Private Investigator prepared her for the journey that she was about to take. She needed her home back. She needed her life back. But when the truth is discovered, will it forever taint her home and her life?

What demons are released when memories unfold?

Thus begins the first in the Kate Harrison Detective series.

Yes, It’s finally happening!  The Reason is out!! I’m really excited about this. It will be the beginning of a series featuring Kate Harrison, a Private Investigator. It’s also the story of the love between the two main characters, Kate and her husband, Paul Harrison, a detective on the police force in a county north of Chicago. Two people who have had their share of tragedy and heartache. They found the love that eases the nightmares and soothes the pain of their damaged souls.

I just got my first review on The Reason!! and it was a great one! I’m very excited about it.  See below or go to the website for Chicago Writers Association, click on Windy City Reviews and there it is! Nothing makes an author feel like an author then a good review.

The Reason is now available at Barnes and Noble!!

FYI  – Chicago Bound was awarded Honorary Mention by the Chicago Writers Association’s for the 2015 Book of the Year Award!!

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Reviewed by David Steven Rappoport. The Reason by Sandra M. Colbert is a compelling page-turner about a heinous murder. From the beginning, there is little doubt who committed the crime. The suspense that drives the book is not whodunit but why they done it. As such, although the book is built on some of the elements of the detective novel, The Reason is not a conventional mystery. It reads more like a true crime narrative even though the crime is fictional. The psychology of the murderer is fascinating, and the crime is sufficiently vile that it is difficult to imagine a motive. Building on these elements deftly, Colbert drives the reader onward in fascination. While putting in a new fence in their garden, private investigator Kate Harrison and her police officer husband Paul discover a human skeleton. Pursuing the available clues, Kate and the police quickly identify the body and notify the next of kin. It is apparent from the beginning that this relative is involved in the crime. Yet, the circumstances of the crime are initially vague and as the clues emerge, they are increasingly hateful. Colbert eventually leads us to an explanation of what occurred and why, with the requisite twists and turns that a reader expects in this kind of novel. Sandra M. Colbert writes crime fiction well. Her prose is lean but effective, her characters are engaging, and the situations she creates are always interesting. Perhaps the revelation at the end is a bit too long, and it is difficult to understand why this particular villain is forthcoming with a confession at the end but had not been earlier. Also, the devoted mystery reader may hope that in future Kate Harrison books, the author reverts to a more traditional mystery structure: multiple plausible suspects and a knock-out surprise at the end when the murderer is revealed. These are minor concerns in the midst of a compelling read. Sandra M. Colbert keeps the reader fascinated—essential in this genre. I recommend this book to those who enjoy mystery novels and look forward to reading future Kate Harrison mysteries.